Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning for any kind of upholstery

Let Sparkling White Cleaning Services clean and care for your upholstered furniture and get that ‘like new’ look you fell in love with! All upholstery requires occasional cleaning, some fabrics more often than others.

Soft furnishings are one of the largest cash investments in most households. Regularly scheduled cleaning by our qualified cleaning technicians will extend the life of your delicate upholstery fabrics significantly, as well as maintain their appearance. You can also resell your furniture at a higher price when you fancy a change!

Keep your upholstery looking its best for years to come.  Delicate upholstery fabrics require a more gentle approach, so your cleaning schedule will include detergents specially formulated for upholstery fabrics, and our trained technicians will select the correct method to clean them safely and efficiently. Dirt accumulates over time beyond the capacity of your care at home.  Call us or use our online contact form to get on a cleaning schedule for upholstery or home cleaning today.

8 steps to a perfect clean

First, we assess your upholstery needs. Then we vacuum with our high filtration cleaning system designed specifically for super high-performance professional cleaning.  Very few carpet cleaning companies in Devon put in the time and effort that we do to thoroughly vacuum before the cleaning starts.

We then pre-spot stubborn stains. Specialist Stain removal is key to removing stains, including residue from smoking, cooking and pets.

Next, we apply a pre-spray specifically designed to electromagnetically lift oily dirt and pollutants from the fibres. At Sparking White, we gently massage the cleaning solution into the fibres.

The hot water extraction unit we use cleans more efficiently because it heats the cleaning solution and then pushes it deep into the fibres. This helps to break up the dirt, nasty bacteria, and pollens in the fibres. The machine then produces a huge vacuum volume to draw out the dirt and chemicals from your upholstery. The dirty water and polluted air gets vented outside to our cleaning unit, away from the environment. This allows your indoor air quality to remain very high.  These steps are not always followed by other upholstery cleaning companies in Devon, therefore we offer you a far superior service.

We use our state-of-the-art upholstery machines and equipment to ensure a residue-free rinse that ensures the integrity of your fibres and helps to curb re-soiling on your upholstery.

Where appropriate, we will groom your upholstery to leave it in the best possible condition, by running a grooming brush over the fibres to ensure that they are tangle-free.

This is an excellent choice if you have a busy household with high traffic, or if you want to ensure cleaner upholstery for longer. It makes regular upholstery cleaning easier and aids in the effective removal of spills. After our protection, spilt wine will not penetrate the fabric. Upholstery protector does wear off and would need to be re-applied every 12-18 months.

Finally, we’ll use special turbo dryers to aid rapid drying of your upholstery so that you get to sit down and put your feet up sooner!

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