Carpet Cleaners

Why hire a professional carpet cleaner?

We believe we are the best carpet cleaners covering Exmouth and the surrounding area, not only offering a professional clean but offering it at the best price possible.

At Sparkling White we utilise a specialist carpet cleaner, meaning our team of cleaners can concentrate on offering a quality cleaning service that is tailored to wherever you need us to clean. Carpets are one of the most expensive features in your home or business, so it’s important that they look their best. To get the maximum life and look out of your carpets it is essential to have them professionally cleaned at least once every 6 – 12 months. The dirt in carpets is abrasive and acts like sandpaper when walked on, and over time this can damage the carpet fibres and allow bacteria, dust mites and animal hair to build up.

Our deep cleaning system removes the dirt and grime down the entire carpet fibre, leaving your floors hygienically clean!

Removing harmful bacteria is a big priority at Sparkling White. Our professional carpet cleaning solution uses hot water extraction (commonly known as steam cleaning) to remove and eradicate the bacteria on a long-term basis. Our steam cleaning isn’t just great for removing dirt and bacteria, it’s also perfect for allergy sufferers, removing pollen and other irritants from difficult to reach areas. Steam cleaning works the best as it penetrates deep into the carpet pile, not only stripping away the bacteria and grime but also killing fleas or other small insects that may be hiding within your carpets.

The life of your carpets can be greatly extended with proper care; we encourage all our customers to get on a cleaning schedule from the day they get their carpets,  to ensure they always stay their best. Homeowners and property owners shouldn’t wait until the carpets start to look filthy before beginning a planned program. The dirtier it gets the less likely it is we can restore the full colour, appearance and texture of your carpets.

Getting a proper, professional carpet assessment and cleaning will save you a lot of time and hassle, along with preventing any potential damage that could happen if you do it yourself.  Whilst you can purchase a multitude of DIY cleaning products from the high street, they only pre-lighten the affected area and can cause damage. Similarly a DIY carpet cleaning machine and detergent, while cheap, will not deliver the deep clean and bacteria-killing effects your carpets need. The shampoo used with these types of machines is often hard to completely rinse out and remove, leaving the carpet only clean on the surface while the deeper parts are still collecting bacteria and filth.

Sparkling White handles all aspects of carpet cleaning for your business. Whether you work in a busy town or out in the countryside, the carpets in your establishment will never remain as impeccably clean as when you first opened the doors. Hundreds of shoes will walk in and out on it each week and so grime gets trodden in, dust settles, and beverages will be spilt. The only way to restore your carpet to its original state is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, and there’s no better option than Sparking White!

Ask us for a quote today, and let us take care of the mess while you take care of business.

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